The Ottawa Promenaders are proud to present this tutorial, which is designed to assist line dancers.   There are many variations of some line dances performed at clubs throughout the area and State.   It is our club’s desire that you know what to expect when you attend an Ottawa Promenaders dance — even learn a line dance that may be new to you!

A few years ago we videotaped our own Judy Broers instructing and performing just four of the many dances she cues at our club dances.   She has now added four more line dances that will be performed, in addition to the previous dances, at the 2009 KSDA Convention in Salina, KS on June 5 and 6.

We encourage you to view the clips at the following links, which will take you to the page where Judy walks you through the steps of each dance.   We also provide links to each dance choreography (in PDF format) which you can download.   Please, review the line dances, and then come to our Promenader dances and to the KSDA Convention and participate in confidence!

(Judy is the club line dance cuer for Happy Time Squares and Ottawa Promenaders.   She is a member of the Northeast Kansas Callers Association, the Kansas Square Dance Callers Association and the National Teachers Association (NTA) for Country Western Dance.   Judy has successfully completed Dance Fundamentals I and II through the NTA Accreditation Program.   She holds current licenses with BMI and ASCAP.)

NOTE:   In this series of videos, we make available both Windows Media Video (.wmv) and YouTube videos.   The .wmv files can be viewed with Windows Media Player, or saved to your computer for later viewing, while YouTube videos will stream live to your screen, but will require additional steps to save video to your computer.

Instruction Videos, Windows Media Video (.wmv)

Line Dance Choreography (PDF)

Instruction Videos (YouTube Streaming Video)